16. Dr. Mark Latina and Dr. Gus Gazzard: SLT, LiGHT Trial, Glaucoma

In this insightful episode, Dr. Micheletti engages with two renowned ophthalmologists, Dr. Mark Latina and Dr. Gus Gazzard, discussing the evolution and impact of laser technology in the treatment of glaucoma.

Dr. Latina, known for developing Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), recounts his journey from chemistry to ophthalmology, emphasizing the role of technology and innovation in his career. He shares his experiences with the excimer laser, dynamic laser spectroscopy, and the development of SLT, highlighting the importance of laser technology in treating glaucoma efficiently and safely.

Dr. Gazzard, on the other hand, discusses his medical journey and his involvement in pivotal clinical trials, such as the Light Trial, which demonstrated the effectiveness of SLT as a primary treatment for glaucoma. He elaborates on the long-term benefits of SLT, including its potential to rejuvenate the trabecular meshwork and maintain intraocular pressure more consistently compared to traditional medication.

The conversation also explores the future of glaucoma treatment, touching upon exciting developments like direct SLT, gene therapy, and stem cell research. Dr. Gazzard’s interest in the genetics of response to laser treatment and Dr. Latina’s perspective on genetic therapies suggest a promising direction for personalized medicine in ophthalmology.

In closing, both guests reflect on the most significant innovations in their careers. Dr. Gazzard highlights the importance of the capsulorhexis technique in cataract surgery, while Dr. Latina reaffirms the impact of SLT.

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