12. James Loden, MD: Society for Excellence in Eyecare, Economics, Making IOLs

In this engaging episode of “The History of Eyecare,” host Dr. Morgan Micheletti sits down with the esteemed Dr. James Loden, a trailblazer in cataract, refractive, and anterior segment surgery. They explore Dr. Loden’s early inspiration from his father and his path to becoming a leading figure in eye care. The episode highlights Dr. Loden’s significant contributions to cataract and LASIK surgery, underscoring his innovative approach.

The discussion then shifts to Dr. Loden’s experiences during his medical training and his involvement in developing new surgical techniques. His reflections on the evolution of ophthalmology provide a unique insight into the challenges and advancements within the specialty. Dr. Loden also shares his experiences in teaching and mentoring, emphasizing the importance of education in his career.

Finally, the episode concludes with Dr. Loden sharing his perspectives on the future of eye care. He stresses the importance of patient-focused care, drawing on personal anecdotes and experiences with his mentors. This episode offers a comprehensive look into Dr. Loden’s professional journey and his profound impact on ophthalmology.

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