14. Nick Curtis: Industry Evolution, Leadership in Innovation, and Surgical Breakthroughs

In this episode of “The History of Eyecare,” Dr. Morgan Micheletti sits down with Mr. Nick Curtis, a well-respected figure in the world of eyecare. The discussion begins with a look into Mr. Curtis’s early life, where his passion for sports led to a scholarship at Northwestern and a pivotal career start at IBM. This foundation set the stage for his remarkable journey into the field of eye care.
As the conversation unfolds, Mr. Curtis shares his experiences during his time at American Hospital Supply’s V Mueller division, marking his foray into ophthalmology. His significant role at Chiron Vision is a highlight, where he was instrumental in developing new surgical methods and devices. These innovations not only transformed patient care in eye surgery but also marked a significant advancement in the field.
Wrapping up the episode, Mr. Curtis offers his insights on his tenure with LENSAR, emphasizing the evolution of ophthalmic technology and the critical importance of customer-focused strategies. His reflections provide an inspiring look at the relentless pursuit of progress in eye care, offering listeners a unique perspective on the industry’s ongoing evolution.

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