15. Uday Devgan, MD

In this episode of “The History of Eyecare,” Dr. Morgan Micheletti talks with Dr. Uday Devgan, an accomplished ophthalmologist and expert in cataract surgery. Dr. Devgan recounts his journey into medicine, starting with his initial interests and leading to his specialization in cataract and refractive surgery. He discusses the role of mentors in his career and his experiences at the University of Southern California and UCLA.

The conversation then shifts to Dr. Devgan’s contributions to ophthalmology education, particularly through his platform, CataractCoach.com. He emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning and sharing knowledge within the medical community. Dr. Devgan also shares experiences from his international work and involvement in early clinical trials, reflecting his patient-centered approach to ophthalmology.

Dr. Devgan offers advice for young surgeons and expresses his enthusiasm for future innovations in the field, especially in the development of accommodating intraocular lenses. His insights provide a comprehensive view of the advancements in eyecare and the potential for future technologies to enhance patient care.

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