11. Ted Wojno, MD: Oculoplastics, Botulinum toxin, Porous Polyethelyne Implants

In this insightful episode of “The History of Eyecare,” host Dr. Morgan Micheletti sits down with Dr. Ted Wojno, an eminent figure in ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Wojno, renowned for his pioneering work, sheds light on the evolution and impact of Botox in eye care. He navigates through its journey from a substance of intrigue to a mainstay in both therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, elaborating on its transformative role in managing various ocular conditions.

The conversation then pivots to the realm of oculoplastic surgery, where Dr. Wojno’s expertise truly shines. He discusses the advancements in surgical techniques and materials, particularly emphasizing the use of porous polyethylene, or Porex, in reconstructive procedures. Dr. Wojno illustrates how this material has revolutionized patient outcomes, offering improved integration with tissue and greater flexibility in surgeries.

Throughout the episode, listeners gain a deeper understanding of these innovative practices that have significantly influenced modern eye care. Dr. Wojno’s experiences and insights offer a unique glimpse into the dynamic field of ophthalmology, making this episode a must-listen for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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